Mr. Aditya Arya, a visionary with over 30 years of rich experience first seen the vision of GS International. Due to his untiring efforts and fair trade practices, has been able to build a strong customer base and a renowned name in domestic market.

Mr. Gaurav Arya and Mr. Shubham Arya, his two sons with high levels of education, preserving the vision of Mr. Aditya Arya and under his guidance materialized his vision & incorporated GS International in UAE in 2008.

The company is an origin trader and started its first operations from Togo in West Africa. Since beginning, due to its strategic management and efficient operations led to the company rapidly expand into diverse businesses and demographic locations like Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Benin and now Costa Rica and Panama. The company specializes in trading of Raw Cashew Nuts and Timber like Teak, Gmelina, Pine, other Softwoods & Hardwoods. Its main selling market is India, Bangladesh, Vietnam & UAE.

GS International is a leading supplier having its registered Head office at Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah – UAE and is controlled from Dubai – UAE.

Vision & Mission

Providing superior quality products and establishing a successful bond with our customers.
To work with utmost devotion,dedication and blossom the standard of the organization with untiring efforts.
To become a leading trading company of strong repute, with robust customer base and presence across the globe.
Continue to believe that customers are DEITY for us.


We specialize in trading of raw cashew nuts and timber like Teak, Gmelina, Pine, other Softwoods and Hardwoods. As the world’s demand for these commodities rises, GS International strategy of vertical integration and geographical spread has enabled us to build a competitive position in the industry. Apart from direct operations in various countries, we also engage in sourcing products from select suppliers in several other countries. Our future aim is to further grow in this trading line and also enter in manufacturing, covering entire chain of operations like vertically integrated companies.

Our Promise & Strength

GS international has an extensive primary procurement network in all countries of operations. We believe that to have an effective control in the procurement chain it is imperative to have a strong physical presence in the origin, a stringent quality focus along with superior logistics and risk management skills.

We engage industry-specific quality control inspectors who monitor our varied products at every stage from source through to export.
Significant investment in infrastructure including warehousing, sorting and grading in cashew, timber; we manage the entire chain of operation from collection, storage and processing to packaging, transportation and shipment. Successful integration of origination and distribution process enables us to meet stringent quality demands, deadlines and execute the timely supply of contracts.

Our vertical integration and geographical spread coupled with our innovative model of buying, processing and distribution has enabled us to build a unique niche in the industry.

Strong Shipping and Logistical capability and the ability to understand and manage the quality is our competitive advantage in an industry where the dynamics of business vary from season to season and our abilities to work in this fast-paced, ever- changing environment has earned us the respect amongst our peers as well as clients.

Quality Assurance

Quality wise, we have no substitute in the market in terms of goods and services. Our state-of-the-art, in-house quality inspection division is properly outfitted with all the basic testing equipments which ensure the dispatch of flawless wood to the end users. GS International has a broad list of satisfied clients which is a testimony of our attitude towards quality production.